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About EJ Wicks

EJ Wicks historyEstablished in 1905, the family firm E. J. Wicks is located in Lambourn, in the heart of the 'Valley of the Racehorse.' Having been run for the last 108 years by three generations of the Wicks dynasty, during which time the shop had the privilege to enjoy an appointment to the late Queen Mother, the most recent descendants decided to retire and sell the business. In June 2013, Richard and Sophie Fynn took over the reins and now run E. J. Wicks. They have continued with the same staff body, name and location in order to retain the friendly, family atmosphere enjoyed by Wicks customers, whilst updating a few lines and looking at the store with fresh eyes.

Due to its location in prime race horse country, the shop stocks a fantastic range of race specific equipment and clothing, including the supplying of racing colours and logos. However, all other spheres of equestrianism are also catered for, being in the middle of three different hunts, a number of pony clubs not to mention eventing, show jumping and dressage yards. We are proud to be saddlers to champions in all equestrian disciplines

The team at here include two full time and two part time master saddlers who work tirelessly on leather repairs of all sorts, equestrian specific and otherwise, as well as making many bespoke and made to order items. There is also a full-time seamstress, who carries out rug repairs, makes farrier bags, hoods and a number of other items at requests and also is involved in the making of our bespoke exercise sheets and parade sheets, used by both trainers and the general public. The shop manager at Wicks is a font of knowledge on all products horse and knows the store like the back of her hand, which is lucky as it is quite an Aladdin’s cave! Another member of staff has also been taken on recently to work part time in the shop as the footfall through the door has increased.

E. J. Wicks also supply a saddle fitting service, having recently started a working relationship with Andrew Allen, a qualified saddle fitter who has much experience of saddle fitting, saddlery and the horse world in general.

Rug cleaning as well as clipper servicing and blade sharpening is also available in store to complete the complement of services every horse owner requires.