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The Triabit is a unique new bit design that allows race horses to perform better by relieving them of the stress and discomfort associated with traditional bits, ensuring that they settle easily in races and don't waste energy in running. The Triabit was developed to be kinder and gentler on the horse while, at the same time, providing better control for the rider. Horses relax quickly on the Triabit because it is more comfortable than ordinary bits and it does not pull into the sides of the horse's mouth. The patented design allows the benefits of a snaffle without the pinching (and subsequent choking down) that can result from a standard loose-ring snaffle.


  • Snaffle travels up and down on the loose-rings
  • Pressures reduced on horse's tongue and lower jaw
  • Benefits of a snaffle bit without the pinching
  • More relaxed horse allows for greater oxygen intake
  • No pulling to sides of the horse's mouth
  • Better control for the jockey

Now used world wide by some of the biggest operations in horse racing.

Sizes: 4.5", 5", 5.5"