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Respirator provides valuable nutritional support to the respiratory mucosal immune system and the delicate capillary blood vessels that surround the lungs. Research shows that by supplementing the diet with naturally sourced anti-oxidants, the hor..
From £21.00 (inc. VAT) £21.00 (ex. VAT)
Modern horses commonly suffer from respiratory stress caused by stabling, forage and indoor schools which can harbour dust and fungal spores. These accumulate in and irritate the sensitive lining of the lungs and respiratory tract. Easy Breathing ..
From £27.30 (inc. VAT) £27.30 (ex. VAT)
Whether a horse’s respiratory stress is only seen during exercise, or whether it’s seen more generally, it is likely that the exertion of working the horse can exacerbate the situation. Kof-Eze is a highly palatable linctus, containing Teatree and..
From £14.70 (inc. VAT) £12.25 (ex. VAT)
Equivent ND is a complementary feed for horses. It is a novel combination of 5 essential oils which can assist in the maintenance of normal breathing, as well as soothing Licorice Root Extract and will help maintain the normal condition of the mucus ..
From £38.58 (inc. VAT) £38.58 (ex. VAT)
Hemorex Paste is a complementary feed for horses containing essential nutrients required for intensive exercise. It is a natural source of Vitamin C and is particularly suitable for feeding as a nutritional supplement to horses with mild symptoms of ..
From £25.72 (inc. VAT) £25.72 (ex. VAT)
Hemorex is a complementary feed supplement containing Vitamin K, which has a role in maintaining normal blood clotting processes, Vitamin C an anti-oxidant, and Citrus Bioflavinoids which improve the uptake and utilization of Vitamin C. Helps supp..
From £117.77 (inc. VAT) £117.77 (ex. VAT)
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