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Gel-Eze Non-Slip Pad

Gel-Eze Non-Slip Pad

From £25.50 (inc. VAT) £21.25 (ex. VAT)

Placing this slimmer and grippier pad between the saddle and numnah prevents saddles slipping. Lightweight, discreet and can be cut along trace lines to fit your needs.

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Hard wearing cotton rubbers with hemmed edges to prevent fraying. Widely used in racing under saddles for hygene purposes. Machine washable. ..
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4mm or 6mm thick sharkskin for use underneath the saddle to help prevent slippage. Can be cut to a desired size and shape at home. ..
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A highly effective non-slip saddle mat made of ultra lightweight mesh designed to sit between the horse and the numnah or saddle. Features: Use with any saddle style - with or without a numnah Can be cut to the size and shape required So..
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